How can acupuncture help women during pregnancy?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she will often steer well clear of chemically produced medicines even for the most minor of ailments, and with good reason.  Under normal circumstances, a person suffering from a headache wouldn't think twice about popping a seemingly innocent Ibuprofen tablet, but in pregnancy, decisions like these become far more complicated, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture are something to consider.

Studies have shown that women who use painkillers such as Ibuprofen in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy are 2.4 times more likely to suffer a miscarriage. Of course, pregnancy is a time when a woman is likely to suffer from ailments such as morning sickness, headaches, and back pain, so how can a pregnant woman treat these ailments if she can't visit her local pharmacy and use behind-the-counter medications as she normally would?

The answer can be found in acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method of healing that has been used for around 5000 years. During an acupuncture session, needles are used on points of the body to stimulate life energy, otherwise known as chi, and this restores and promotes good health levels.  Throughout acupuncture's long history, it has been used to treat everything from constipation to lung infections, and just about every other ailment, illness, or disease in between. What's more, because acupuncture is a completely natural method of healing that puts no chemicals into the body, it is a safe practice for pregnant women to engage with.

Morning sickness is a debilitating condition that many women suffer from when they are carrying a child, but acupuncture can help, and very often, needles won't even have to be used. For people who are scared of needles, it is worth asking an acupuncturist about an indirect moxa treatment, which is a way of heating the acupuncture points without using needles. By stimulating the points associated with the stomach, morning sickness can very quickly become a thing of the past.

And it's not just morning sickness. Acupuncture can help with a whole suite of pregnancy related conditions such as back pain, headaches and migraines, tender breasts, and tiredness. Acupuncture can even be used to turn breech babies, and to induce labour in cases of overdue pregnancies.

Every woman wants to have a smooth pregnancy and to emerge from those nine months with a healthy baby, and the best way of doing so is by leaning on 5000 years of alternative health practice in the form of acupuncture. To learn more, consider visiting an acupuncture school like Acupuncture School in Toronto.